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?China's poverty alleviation wins impressive achievements: Dutch scholar

Promoting and putting people first at the international level is a good way to let China's stories and voices be heard by the world, said a Dutch scholar at Beijing Forum on Human Rights on Tuesday.

ICBC Turkey to step up support for Belt and Road projects

ICBC Turkey has made steady progress in the past three years, and the bank is now looking to further promote Sino-Turkish cooperation in infrastructure and production capacity as part of an alignment between China's Belt and Road Initiative and Turkey's Middle Corridor Initiative.

Forum aims to help Chinese brands go global

Chinese and French designers and scholars gathered in Xi'an to share insights on the relationship between design and branding as well as possible avenues for cooperation between the two countries.

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Xuelong 2: China's first indigenously built icebreaker

China, in its Arctic policy, has proposed the construction of a "Polar Silk Route," which will integrate the Arctic region into its Belt and Road initiative.


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Space lab working beyond life span

China's Tiangong II space laboratory, which has exceeded its designed life span, remains in space and is still able to conduct scientific tasks.

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